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Beautiful Jeju

Visa Information

Jeju Island is one of the most beautiful islands in East Asia. All visitors, except nationals of the 11 countries listed below, can enter the Jeju island without a Korean visa for a stay of up to 30 days if their purpose of visit is tour or visiting.
List of Noneligible Countries:  Afghanistan, Cuba, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Libia, Macedonia, Nigeria, Sudan, Syria, Palestine.

Information for Presenters 

  • Presentation slots have 25 minutes for invited talks (20 + 5 min for discussion) and 15 minutes for oral talks (12 + 3 min for discussion).
    Session chairs will strictly demand these times in order to allow time for the audience to switch sessions between presentations.
  • A projector & computer will be available in every session room for presentations. You may use your own computer or the provided public computer. 

Korean expressions

EnglishKorean alphabet (Hangeul)Korean
Good Morning / afternoon / evening Annyeong-haseyo. 안녕하세요?
Thank you Gamsa-hamnida. 감사합니다.
I am sorry Mian-hamnida. 미안합니다.
How much is it? Eolma-imnikka. 얼마입니까?
Please take me to the Ramada Hotel      Ramada hotel rogajooseyo. 라마다 호텔로 가주세요.



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