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badge award frtInnovation Award 2018

The Innovation Award is established to recognize and honor young scholars who have done innovative works in nano-micro science and presented their works to the international scientific community.

In each session, speakers who make innovative works and excellent presentations will be awarded the Innovation Award 2018 in Nano-Micro Science. The conference committees will evaluate and select recipients based on speakers' presentations and the scientific innovation in their research works.

Innovation Award 2018 Announcement

Best Poster Award

The Best Poster Award is established to recognize, encourage and stimulate students and young researchers working in the field of nano-micro science.

Best Poster Award will be awarded to poster presenters who make excellent poster presentations and have done innovative work. The on-site conference committees will seek opinions from conference speakers, evaluate their works, and then select the final recipients.

Winners of Best Poster Award 

Congratulations to the award recipients. The certificates will be mailed soon.

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