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Nano-Micro Conference is an international conference focused on Nano-Micro Science and Engineering. The aim of this conference is to bring together world-renowned experts, academicians, senior scientists, industry executives and project leaders from all over the world to discuss new developments and frontier researches in the multidisciplinary field of Nano-Micro Science and Engineering.

Nano-Micro Conference 2018 will take place in Jeju Korea from September 17 to 21, 2018.


Conference Chair:

yafeizhang nature research society

Prof. Dr. Yafei Zhang
Cheung Kong Scholar
Director, Key Laboratory for Thin Film and Microfabrication Technology of the Ministry of Education
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Editor in Chief of Nano-Micro Letters (2017 IF 4.849)

The scientific topics addressed by this Nano-Micro Conference 2018 are:

  • Synthesis and application of two dimensional nanomaterials
  • 2D Heterostructures
  • Perovskite solar cells
  • Polymer solar cells
  • Synthesis and application of nanostructured photocatalysts
  • Nanotechnology for gas sensors
  • Porous carbon materials


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2017 IF 4.849
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