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For Participants who cannot speak Chinese
How to reach the conference Venue
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The Nano-Micro Conference 2017 will take place from 19 – 23 June 2017 at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Riverside, 99 Jiangbin Road, Shanghai 200023 China.

The meeting rooms are located in the third floor of the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Riverside. MEETING ROOM 1 AND MEETING ROOM 2 are the conference meeting rooms. 

How to book a room?

Please visit the hotel official website: to make a reservation

or from other agent to make a reservation

Other hotels near the conference venue (Shanghai Marriott Hotel Riverside):

1. For Participants from China, we recommend 驿居-上海徐汇滨江打浦桥店, you can reach the conference venue by walking five minutes.

China mainland attendees

 2. Please use google map to choose nearby hotels.,121.4673113,15z The hotels displayed on the map are very near the conference venue. It is about a ten-minute drive(taxi). On google map, it shows Shanghai Marriott Hotel Luwan, which is the previous name of  Shanghai Marriott Hotel Riverside

nrs conference venue


For participants who cannot speak Chinese

If you cannot speak Chinese and have booked a nearby hotel, we will be happy to pick you up in your hotel and drive you back to your hotel if you prefer during the conference period. To help us to facilitate the arrangement, please use instant messenger such as Wechat, Line or Facebook messenger to send your request to us. 

Wechat ID      Line ID      Skype ID
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nrs line


How to reach the conference venue?

Taxi service is available all day in Shanghai, please do ask for the receipt from the driver. Payment should be made in RMB cash. You can use the ATM's or bank offices at the airport to get change. It is not customary to tip drivers. Please pay strictly according to the meter in the taxi.

From Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, ~24 Kilometers, Taxi Fee: ~80 Yuan(approximately $12 US dollars);

From Shanghai Pudong International Airport,  ~45 Kilometers, Taxi Fee: ~ 160 Yuan(approximately $24 US dollars);

Please print out the PDF file, and show to the taxi driver when you get in a taxi.  Please also take a look of How to take a taxi in China

In case you book another hotel, not the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Riverside, please email your hotel name to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we will send you another PDF file that you can print out and show to the taxi driver. Thank you.

Assistance line

If you need assistance or help during the conference period, please don't hesitate to call (0086) 176 2102 1232 or send message to below instant messenger.

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nrs line


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