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12-17-2018 - 12-20-2018
Ramada Plaza Jeju Ocean Front
Ramada Plaza Jeju Ocean Front
South Korea, Jeju-do, 66 Tapdong-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju Island
Nano-Micro Conference 2018

Sessions/Tracks: Synthesis and application of Graphene, 2D Heterostructures, Synthesis and application of nanostructured photocatalysts, Nanotechnology for sensors, Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications, Nanomaterials for Energy and Environmental Applications, Carbon Nanomaterials, Topological Insulators, Photonic Devices and Materials.

780.00 $

06-10-2019 - 06-14-2019
International Convention Center Jeju
International Convention Center Jeju
2700 Jungmun-dong, Seogwipo, Jeju-do, South Korea
International Electrochemistry Conference 2019

Sessions/Tracks: Lithium batteries; Supercapacitors; Perovskite solar cells; Polymer Solar cells; Sensors; Theoretical and Computational Electrochemistry; Analytical Electrochemistry; Photoelectrochemistry; Organic and Bioelectrochemistry Corrosion Science and Technology; Electrochemical Water Treatment; Electrochemical Surface Science.

780.00 $
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